Machining Strategies for Blisk Machining

A Tech Day combining the advanced technologies of EMUGE-FRANKEN USA, Concepts NREC MAX-PAC, GROB Systems, Inc., and Third Wave Systems

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Please join us for a complimentary Tech Day

When: Wednesday, June 7th • 10:00AM-1:00PM EDT
Where: EMUGE-FRANKEN Technology Center, West Boylston, MA

Key topics and demonstrations will include:

  • High speed roughing solutions using MAX-PAC’s UPASS trochoidal strategy
  • Improve accuracy and reduce chatter by utilizing a multi-depth mixed milling strategy
  • Utilize MAX-PAC’s finishing blending strategies to eliminate witness lines on the blade
  • Reduced finishing time by using EMUGE’s circle segment cutters in tandem with MAX-PAC’s barrel tool strategies
  • Utilize the GROB G550 5-axis capabilities for high accuracy and maximum stability
  • Materials-driven toolpath analysis to gain insights to improve production throughput with a focus on quality

The workshop will be led by a team of programmers and technology experts from EMUGE-FRANKEN, Concepts NREC, and GROB.

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Presented by:


Evan Duncanson

Milling Application Specialist, EMUGE-FRANKEN
Ryan Lussier _NREC

Ryan Lussier

CAM Product Manager, ConceptsNREC

Kevin Gadde

Key Account Manager, Aerospace, GROB

Austin Burns

Account Manager, Third Wave Systems