Please join us for a complimentary workshop

When: Wednesday, July 20th • 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM EDT

Where: EMUGE-FRANKEN USA Technology Center

West Boylston, Mass. 

Event Description:

Key workshop topics and demonstrations will include:

  • Achieving high-quality surface finishes with hyperMILL’s high precision surface mode by machining directly to the surface instead of an “approximated mesh” and applying the CAM software’s smooth overlap capability which minimizes witness marks at the blending of adjoining part features. 
  • Utilizing the GROB G550a 5-Axis capabilities to properly orient and consistently maintain the EMUGE-FRANKEN Multi-Cut Duplex End Mill in the cut, while extending tool life.
  • Strategies for maximizing the efficiency of the machining process with hyperMILL’s auto-indexing function to automatically generate multiple 3+2 segments as an alternative to 5-Axis.
  • How to use shorter, smaller diameter tools for more aggressive machining by combining GROB’s rigid cross-slide design and long Z-Axis stroke with hyperMILL’s 5-Axis rest machining strategy, and EMUGE’s rigid FPC tool holder.
  • Tips for optimizing the workflow within multiple application stages by using process probing strategies.

The workshop will be led by a team of programmers and product applications experts from GROB, OPEN MIND, and EMUGE FRANKEN USA. A complimentary lunch will be served. 

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Enhancing Accuracy in Mold & Die Applications